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Your guide to the most beautiful tourist attractions in Romania

    Your guide to the most beautiful tourist attractions in Romania

    Your guide to the most beautiful tourist attractions in Romania

    Your guide to the most beautiful tourist attractions in Romania

    Romania is one of the most charming and attractive European countries. In every step you take, you will find something that reminds you of the authenticity of history. In this article, we will accompany you on a quick tour, to see the sights of Romania, as it possesses treasures and archaeological sites that make it unique.

    This country offers you a unique travel experience, you just have to keep its climate in mind before you travel, in winter snow covers most parts of the country, and in spring conditions improve a bit, but in summer you can enjoy the sunshine, so summer and early fall are the ideal time to travel to Romania, and in this article we will show you the most beautiful tourist places in Romania that we advise you to visit there.

    The most important tourist attractions in Romania

    Bran Castle

    The most important castle in the heart of Romania and was built between 1377 and 1388 to repel the raids of the Ottomans.
    It is dedicated to the history of Queen Marie of Romania, and a popular place to celebrate Halloween.
    It belongs to its owner, Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, who was known as “Dracula”, and he is the real historical figure from which novelist Bram Stoker inspired the character of Dracula in his novel “Dracula”.
    If you are a fan of action and horror, then this is your ideal destination, as everyone who went to it agrees on the extent of the horror that you feel as soon as you set foot in the place.

    Baelish Palace

    It is one of the famous royal palaces, as it is an architectural masterpiece located in the Carpathian Mountains near the city center of Sinaia.
    The palace was built as a residence for King Carol I of Romania and designed by Johann Schultz and Karel Lehmann.
    You can see the charm of the palace’s architecture, decorations, and many paintings.

    Carpathian Mountains

    The Carpathian Mountain Range is the longest mountain range in Europe.
    It is an attractive tourist attraction, as it is a destination for tourists to ski in winter and enjoy the picturesque nature, forests and fresh air in summer.
    It is characterized by the presence of many wild animals such as bears, foxes and wolves.
    The mountains are suitable for adventure lovers and climbers.
    It has pretty cottages and caves.

    Torda salt mine

    Romania exploited the abandoned underground salt mine and turned it into a large amusement park and amusement park that opened in 1992, and the most important characteristic of it is the panoramic wheel that allows you to see the limestone deposits that formed throughout the history of the mine.
    It contains an open theater with a capacity of 180 people, museums and boats.
    It features 2 tennis courts, billiards, bowling alleys and a mini golf course.
    The theme park attracts about 600,000 visitors annually, and the entry ticket price is four dollars per person.

    Sinaia City

    It is one of the Romanian cities located on one of the picturesque mountains in the Prahova Valley.
    Its name goes back to the Sinaia Monastery, which was built by a Roman nobleman after he made a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai in Egypt.
    The city contains many huts located on the mountain plateau.
    It is the ideal destination for mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter.
    The city includes the Bustini Mountains, which are famous for their distinctive paths, but some of these paths are steep so you need suitable shoes, Peles Park, which is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Sinaia, Sinaia Monastery and Ghika Park for relaxation and enjoying the tranquility and picturesque landscapes.
    In the city of Sinaia, you can visit the memorial house of George Enescu, the famous Romanian composer. The house has been turned into a museum run by the European Cultural Center, and artists’ concerts can be enjoyed there.
    Finally, you can visit the royal train stations, which are among the most prominent tourist attractions in Sinaia, Romania, as it is the only city that boasts the presence of two queen train stations, the first station was built during the reign of King Carol I in 1886 AD, while the other station was built in the period between 1938-1940, By order of King Carol II, it is reserved exclusively for the royal family and their guests.

    Red Lake

    It is the largest natural barrier in the Eastern Carpathian Mountain Range.
    Its name comes from the red silt deposited in the lake.
    It is characterized by evergreen trees on its surface.

    Roman Theater

    The Roman theater was built by the Roman general Agrippa in 16 BC and was designed by the French engineer Albert Galleron.
    The theater includes a small garden, a statue of the Romanian poet Mihly Emenesu, and an ornate conference hall.
    The George Ensco Festival is held annually.
    The theater is included in the list of European heritage sites.

    Sarmisigetosa regia

    One of the most famous archaeological sites in Romania.
    A copy of Stonehenge is considered the remains of the ancient capital of Dacia during the first centuries.

    Statue of King Decebalus

    The palace looks as if it came out of ancient legends, although it is relatively recent, having been built between 1994 and 2004.
    It is a stone monument to King Decebalus, 40 meters long.

    Top tips before traveling to Romania

    • Season
    • Spring is the best time to visit Romania.
    • In order to be able to deal with the people of Romania easily, you must know some words, whether they are English or Romanian.
    • Romanian people are friendly, but be careful not to ridicule their customs and traditions, so that they do not respond to your sarcasm.
    • Do not miss yourself enjoying tourism in Bucharest, because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world.
    • Tour the wonderful cities of Romania Sibiu, Sighisoara and Iași.
    • Don’t walk the dark streets at night and leave your belongings where you live.

    With that, we have finished showing the most beautiful tourist areas that you can visit in Romania, and now you have to decide to travel to Romania to see it yourself. We wish you a pleasant trip with unforgettable memories.

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