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Tourism guide in Vienna

    Tourism guide in Vienna

    Tourism guide in Vienna

    Tourism guide in Vienna

    One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe, it was famous for being a center for the arts over many years, its features look ancient and clear in its buildings and streets. It is the wonderful city of Vienna. In this article, we offer you a tourist guide to the city of Vienna

    Quick information about Vienna

    There are many facts about Vienna that you should know.

    Currencies: The official currency used in Vienna is the euro.

    Airports: There is only one airport in the capital, which is Vienna International Airport, one of the most important airports in Austria.

    Weather: Austria enjoys wonderful weather during the four seasons, as temperatures range during the summer and spring seasons between 15 to 27 degrees, while in winter the city is covered with snow in a wonderful and wonderful view.

    The most important tourist places in Vienna

    Vienna is full of wonderful tourist places, from various museums and tourist attractions, get to know us about the most beautiful tourist places in Vienna ..

    Schonbran Palace

    It was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most important historical monuments of Austria. The palace includes wonderful gardens with vast areas, and it also includes a zoo and an exhibition of rare plants, in addition to that it is designed with clear perfection and skill.

    Belvedere Palace

    One of the most beautiful palaces in the charming city of Vienna, the Belvedere Palace dates back to the eighteenth century, and the palace includes a group of small castles, in addition to the vast gardens that surround it.

    Vienna State Opera

    One of the most beautiful opera houses in the world, designed with an imaginary design befitting the music that plays in its halls. Be sure to attend any concert during your trip to Vienna, where you will find a lot of beauty and pleasure.

    Hofburg Palace

    The Hofburg Palace dates back to the thirteenth century, when it was the seat of the ruling family in Vienna until 1918, until it was approved as the seat of government again in 1945. The construction of the palace took about 700 years, and two churches and other wings were added to it.

    The most prominent events in Vienna

    Vienna is not only full of beautiful places, but also has many activities and events that are fun to do. Among the most beautiful and exciting of these activities are the following..

    Ficker trolley tour

    One of the most beautiful activities that you can try in Vienna is riding the horse-drawn Vicker carriage, which takes you on a tour of the elegant streets of the capital, and you enjoy watching the famous sights, do not miss this wonderful experience.

    Vienna Zoo

    This festival is specifically for music lovers, specifically Mozart’s music, where his most famous pieces are played, in the presence of thousands of music and art lovers, and this festival takes place in late July and continues until the beginning of August.

    The best hotel in Vienna

    Hotels in Vienna are widespread and vary according to the level of service they provide, knowing that all of these hotels provide excellent service. Learn about the best and most beautiful hotels in Vienna ..


    The Intercontinental Hotel is one of the most famous and distinguished hotels in Vienna, and it is also one of the best 5-star hotels, as the hotel has rooms designed with the latest decorations, in addition to being equipped with all the equipment that meets the needs of customers, such as air conditioning, television, telephone, and other basics that provide a comfortable stay for the customer.

    The hotel also offers other recreational services, such as gyms, sauna rooms, and fitness centers, in addition to rooms for people with special needs. Transfer service to and from the airport and more. With your stay at the InterContinental, you will undoubtedly spend a wonderful vacation.


    It is one of the 4-star Vienna hotels. The hotel has elegant rooms designed according to the latest decorations, and equipped with everything the customer needs during his stay, such as air conditioning, television, telephone and other basic services. The hotel also offers many other services that guarantee the customer an excellent stay, such as providing Meeting rooms for the media, sports halls, and golf courses, in addition to a transfer service to and from the airport and other recreational services.

    Hotel Daniel Vienna – HOTEL DANIEL VIENNA

    It is one of the 4-star hotels in Vienna. The hotel is distinguished by its unique location, as it is located in the upscale Landstraße district, next to the train station and the Belvedere Palace. The hotel has 116 rooms, all of which are decorated with the most beautiful decorations and equipped with the latest equipment that meets the needs of guests, in addition to the distinguished services that Provided by, as a transfer service to and from the airport, ticketing service, and other services.
    You can also view more of the best and cheapest Vienna hotels on our website

    The best restaurants in Vienna

    Vienna has many different restaurants, and it also includes distinguished Arab restaurants as well. In this tour guide, we chose for you two of the best restaurants in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

    Lord of S Restaurant

    One of the most famous Arab restaurants in Vienna, Lord of S Restaurant is one of the very distinguished restaurants, located in the city center of Vienna, the restaurant serves a variety of dishes from the Arabic cuisine, but it is famous for its grills and is distinguished in it, provided by the hands of the most skilled chefs, the restaurant is also distinguished by its authentic Arabic décor, and the music that It emanates from everywhere in an elegant Arab atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable, as if you did not leave your homeland.


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