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The best restaurants and hotels in Paris

    The best restaurants and hotels in Paris

    The best restaurants and hotels in Paris

    The best restaurants and hotels in Paris

    Hotels in Paris are widespread and vary according to the level of service they provide, but there is no doubt that the service in all Paris hotels is to say the least excellent. Get to know the best and most beautiful hotels in Paris, after learning how to choose the right hotel.


    It is a 4-star hotel, characterized by elegant, classic rooms designed at the highest level, and equipped with the latest equipment that meets the needs of all customers. It also provides distinguished services that help the customer during his stay, such as ticketing and other services.


    One of the most luxurious and sophisticated hotels in Paris, the 5-star Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg Hotel offers elegant rooms with very luxurious designs, and is equipped with the latest capabilities to meet the desires of customers. The hotel also offers many recreational services, such as fitness centers and meeting rooms for businessmen, And other entertainment services.


    One of the most luxurious hotels in Paris ever. If you are looking for a luxurious royal stay, St. Regis is what you are looking for. The hotel is characterized by its classic rooms designed with very luxurious designs, and it also offers wonderful entertainment services, which will be a special and unforgettable stay.

    The best restaurants in Paris

    France is famous for its delicious and varied dishes, so it is not higher than French food, and since we are in the French capital, Paris, we are in front of the most beautiful, elegant and luxurious restaurants in the world, let us get to know these restaurants ..

    (1) La Maurice Restaurant

    One of the famous and elegant restaurants in Paris, the restaurant serves very beautiful French dishes, and the atmosphere of the restaurant itself and the decorations make you feel a very classic atmosphere, in addition to the excellent service of the restaurant staff.

    Address: The restaurant is located in La meurice hotel, steps away from Place de la Concorde, the nearest metro station to the restaurant is the Tuileries station.

    (2) Lebanese Table Restaurant

    And since you are undoubtedly looking for a restaurant that bears a (Halal) sign, we must add an Arab restaurant to this list. This restaurant will be Lebanese, as the Lebanese cuisine is famous for its delicious dishes and distinctive recipes. The Lebanese Restaurant is one of the famous Arab restaurants in Paris. Do not hesitate to try it.

    Address: The restaurant is located in the fifteenth district.

    How to get around in Paris

    Paris has a very developed transportation network, which includes many means of transportation.

    (1) The metro

    If you are going to a somewhat remote place, your appropriate means here is the metro, as there are only 16 lines in Paris, ensuring that you can reach anywhere you want with ease.

    In addition to the fact that its cost is the cheapest compared to all the different means of transportation, the ticket price is 2 euros, and you can move between 384 stations in Paris. You will find the names of the stations and metro times with signs hanging inside the station itself.

    The metro operates from Sunday to Thursday, from 5:30 am to 1:15 am.

    As for Friday and Saturday, it works from 5:30 in the morning until 2:15 midnight.

    (2) Public buses

    The best way for you as a tourist, because the buses move among the elegant buildings, and between the various wonderful places. It will definitely be a wonderful tour, do not miss it, and most importantly, it is equipped for people with special needs and the elderly

    (3) Bicycles

    Bicycles are an approved means of transportation in most European countries. You will find them available everywhere, especially in Paris, as they are widely spread in its streets. It is undoubtedly an easy and fast way, and its cost is also low.

    There are approximately 1,800 self-service stations on the streets of Paris, where payment is by credit card, knowing that the first thirty minutes of riding are free, and the cost of a ticket for one day (24 hours) is 8 euros, and 70 euros for a week.

    (4) Taxi

    Unlike most cities in the world, it seems difficult to get a taxi in Paris, due to its extreme crowding, so if you want to travel by taxi, it would be better to go to the private parking lot, rather than waiting for a long time, knowing that the taxi will be a very expensive way.

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