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The best restaurants and hotels in London

    The best restaurants and hotels in London

    The best restaurants and hotels in London

    The best restaurants and hotels in London

    Hotels in London are widespread. It is true that London, compared to many places in the world, is very expensive in terms of hotel and accommodation, but the diversity and abundance of hotel capabilities in it provide tourists with limited budgets the possibility of staying in a cheap hotel, as well as providing luxury lovers with several wonderful options.


    It is one of the 4-star London hotels, which guarantees you a luxurious stay with distinction, as the hotel provides elegant rooms equipped with the latest equipment that suit the different tastes and needs of customers. The hotel also offers many other services aimed at facilitating many procedures that may meet the customer during his stay. , such as booking airline tickets, transfer service to and from the airport, and other distinguished services.

    In addition to the entertainment services, which are represented in providing meeting rooms for the world’s men, sports centers, distinguished rooms and rooms for VIPs, and many other services, it would be great to choose the Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge for a special stay, do not hesitate and hurry to book through our Flyin website.


    One of London’s most famous 4-star hotels. The hotel consists of 132 rooms, all equipped with the latest equipment to meet all customer needs, and designed with very elegant international décor. The hotel also offers other services that guarantee the customer a comfortable stay, such as providing facilities for storing his luggage, laundry and ironing service. Clothes, housekeeping.

    The hotel includes a distinctive restaurant that serves international cuisine. If you are looking for a unique stay at affordable and reasonable prices, book at Hilton London Hyde Park at the best prices and exclusive offers offered only by Flyin.


    Go Native Oxford Street Hotel is one of the most beautiful and simple hotels in London. The hotel includes 56 rooms equipped with all equipment to meet all the needs of the customer during his stay, such as television, telephone, Internet and other devices. The hotel offers many services that guarantee the customer a comfortable stay, such as room cleaning, cleaning and ironing. Clothes, in addition to the special meals provided by the hotel restaurant, do not hesitate and hurry to book through our Flyin website, which guarantees you a unique stay at Go Native Oxford Street Hotel.

    The best restaurants in London

    We Arabs care a lot about the presence of the word “Halal” on the facade of the restaurants that we visit in European countries, as soon as we glimpse this word we enter the restaurant immediately, even without caring about its level or the experiences of others with it, so I will put in your hands here the most famous Halal restaurants in London, in order to Do not be too confused on your next visit, and do not get lost in the huge number of restaurants.

    (1) Maroush Lebanese Restaurant

    Is there anything more delicious than the Lebanese cuisine? The shop is located in the middle of Arab Street. It is distinguished by its diverse and wonderful dishes, in addition to its affordable price for everyone. You will enjoy the high-end service, cleanliness and calmness of the place.

    For 30 pounds you can order a meal for two

    (2) Subway Restaurant

    The restaurant has many branches, but the branch on Arab Street is the one that offers 100% halal food. The restaurant is divided into two parts, one part specializing in pizza, the favorite food of 7 billion people on this planet, and the other part serving a variety of distinctive international dishes.

    The restaurant depends mainly on fast food, which makes the cost lower than the previous restaurant, 20 pounds is enough for two people here.

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