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London Tourism Guide

    London Tourism Guide

    London Tourism Guide

    London Tourism Guide

    London is a city of fog, who among us does not dream of visiting this city that looks like it is from another planet, elegance is its address in everything, in architecture, streets, restaurants and shops, everything in it is elegant and luxurious, and for this reason the city is considered one of the most European cities favored by the Arab traveler, Now my question to you: Are you thinking of visiting London soon? Or do you dream of visiting it one day? Well, we will make your dream come true for you through this quick tour, to get to know with us the most important charming London landmarks, in your comprehensive guide to tourism in London ..

    Quick information about London

    Visa: A visa / visa is required to enter the United Kingdom, as the Schengen visa for European countries is not valid to enter Britain.

    Currencies: The official currency in London is the pound sterling.

    Airports: There are two airports in London: Heathrow International Airport is the largest and most important airport in Europe, in addition to being the third busiest airport in the world. The second airport is Gatwick Airport, which is no less important than Heathrow Airport, but Heathrow Airport is the largest and most famous.

    Weather: London enjoys a mild and wonderful climate, as it is characterized by precipitation throughout the year, and temperatures range from -11 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees during the fall and winter seasons, while during the summer and spring seasons it rises to 35 degrees Celsius.

    The most important tourist places in London

    London Eye

    One of the most important symbols of the city of London, the London Eye overlooks the banks of the River Thames, and its height is approximately 135 meters. London is one of the most attractive places for tourists.

    Tower Bridge

    It is the first bridge to be built on the River Thames, and it is a suspension and movable bridge at the same time, connecting the two banks of the Thames River and is located near the Tower of London, so it is called the Tower Bridge. The banks of the River Thames without hindering traffic, and its wonderful and clever design won and became one of the most famous and beautiful bridges around the world.

    Big Ben clock

    One of the most important symbols of the capital, we recommend seeing it when traveling to London, as it is the largest and oldest clock in the world as well. It is more than a century and a half old. It was called “Big Ben” in relation to the British Minister of Works “Benjamin Hall” who supervised its construction, and it was It is called Big Ben because of its huge body, and Big Ben is located in St. Stephen’s Tower at a height of 320 feet, and the clock itself weighs about 12 and a half tons. Big Ben is one of London’s most famous tourist attractions, which attracts many tourists from all over the world.

    Westminster Palace

    It is also known as the British Parliament Building, where Parliament sessions are held, and it is considered one of the largest parliament buildings in the world. Its construction dates back to the eighteenth century. The palace consists of about 1,200 rooms, in addition to the buildings attached to it. It is opened to the public in late July until the beginning of August. , and also in mid-September until early October, when parliament sessions are suspended during these periods.

    Oxford Street

    The most famous street in London, Oxford Street for its streets, a lively street full of luxurious restaurants and cafes, as well as always being the most appropriate choice for shopping lovers, as the street is full of clothing stores, perfumes, gifts and games, in short you will find everything that comes to your mind, you will notice that the most famous international brands It has shops on Oxford Street, due to its fame, beauty, and being a tourist attraction in itself.

    Hyde Park

    London is characterized by many gardens, and Hyde Park is the most famous park in the city, the park is based on a huge area, nature surrounds you from everywhere, wonderful trees, flowers and birds, in addition to the lake in the middle of the park, you can sit in the midst of this calm and enjoy the psychological calm that it will send In the beauty of the place, you can also practice running or any other sport, or even play with your children. You will enjoy the time you will spend inside Hyde Park.

    London Events | What do you do in London?

    London is full of different and interesting activities. This charming city is not only distinguished in terms of tourist attractions, but also has many interesting activities.

    River trip

    Among the activities and events that can not be missed in any way, is there anything more beautiful than taking a cruise in the most famous rivers of the world, the Thames River? of course no ..

    The tour also includes passing through the most famous sights in the city, such as the Palace Bridge and others. It would be great to have this unique experience.

    london bus

    The tourist bus or the red bus is a distinctive sign in London, and it is one of the best things you can experience during your trip. The bus takes you on a tour of London, passes through all the tourist attractions in it, you can get off anywhere you want, and roam freely and however you like, and with the same ticket, take the bus The next one after him, but knowing that the bus tour ends at five in the evening and begins at nine in the morning, knowing also that the ticket is valid for one day only.

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