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Berlin Tourism Guide

    Berlin Tourism Guide

    Berlin Tourism Guide

    Berlin Tourism Guide

    It is the capital and largest city of Germany, Berlin is distinguished by its many tourist attractions, and archaeological sites in particular, as it includes a large number of museums and ancient theatres, which make it an excellent tourist destination specifically for lovers of historical monuments.

    Fast facts about Berlin

    Currencies: The official currency of the city is the euro.

    Airports: There are 7 international airports in Berlin, which is certainly a huge number, most notably Berlin Tegel International Airport, which is the largest airport in Berlin, Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, and Berlin Tempelhof Airport. These airports are specifically closest to the center of the capital and also the most famous.

    Weather: Berlin is characterized by a moderate climate to a large extent, its summer is warm in which the temperature does not fall below 15 degrees Celsius, while the winter season is very cold, as temperatures drop to -2 degrees Celsius, so it is preferable to visit it in the spring and autumn seasons for mild weather .

    The most important tourist places in Berlin

    Gendarmenmarkt Square

    One of the most beautiful squares in Berlin at all, designed in a classic way that cannot be described, and the square includes a large number of ancient historical buildings, the most important of which are; German cathedral, French cathedral and opera house.

    Charlottenburg Palace

    It is the largest palace in Berlin, designed in the classical style, named by this name in honor of Sophie Charlotte, who became Queen of Russia after her marriage to Frederick, one of those responsible for building the palace. The palace includes an impressive collection of exhibits dating back to the eighteenth century, and the palace is attached to a large garden that includes a huge Of the different types of plants, in addition to the classic buildings that were built in the courtyard of the palace.

    Brandenburg Gate

    The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most important symbols of Berlin, and the gate bears the name of the state of Brandenburg that surrounds the city of Berlin, and it is worth noting that it is one of the most attractive places for tourists.

    TV tower

    The TV tower is located in Alexanderplatz Square, and it is the second tallest building in the European Union, with a length of 368 meters, which enables you to see the entire city, and there is a mobile restaurant with a wonderful view at the top of the tower.

    The most important restaurants in Berlin

    When searching for a restaurant in Berlin, you will be confused a lot, and the reason is that Berlin is full of high-end restaurants that offer really special dishes.

    (1) Theodor Tucher Restaurant

    One of the famous high-end restaurants in Berlin, the restaurant is characterized by its local dishes with a special taste, as well as the international dishes that the restaurant excels in providing. The restaurant is located in Pariser Platz Square, do not miss trying this wonderful restaurant.

    (2) Maroush Restaurant

    And to ensure that your food is halal during your trip in Berlin, I present to you the most famous Arabic restaurant in the city, Maroush Restaurant is a very famous Egyptian restaurant in Berlin, serving wonderful oriental dishes, the restaurant is also distinguished by its oriental d├ęcor and Arabic music that never stops, so you feel at home Already.
    The most prominent events in Berlin

    Visit the Berlin Zoo

    Berlin Zoo is one of the attractive places for adults and children alike, as it includes many dazzling animals, in addition to rare trees and picturesque nature in the park.

    Friedrichshain Shopping Street

    Friedrich Street is a shopping street, as it is full of shops on both sides, various and international stores, in addition to restaurants on the street. There is also the Galeries Lafayette Center, which is the best shopping center in existence. Take a tour of this street and you will not regret it.
    The most prominent hotels in Berlin


    One of the most beautiful and most attractive hotels in Berlin for tourists. The hotel is located in a very privileged location, as it is located in the cultural and tourist area, near shops, restaurants and cafes. The hotel is characterized by its attractive and elegant rooms, and its high-quality services.


    One of the oldest hotels in Berlin. It was built in 1952 and still bears the character of the old building. It is characterized by its spacious rooms, designed with elegant decorations, equipped with the latest technology. It also includes a wonderful spa and guarantees you a unique stay.


    One of the most famous and oldest Berlin hotels ever, it was built in 1907, and was subsequently destroyed in the aftermath of World War II, until it was rebuilt in 1977, and it became a distinctive icon in Berlin, hosting VIP visitors.


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