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10 of the cheapest tourist countries in the world you can go to this year

    10 of the cheapest tourist countries in the world you can go to this year

    10 of the cheapest tourist countries in the world you can go to this year

    10 of the cheapest tourist countries in the world you can go to this year

    If you are a fan of travel and tourism and moving between tourist countries, but you do not have a lot of money, you should search for the cheapest tourist countries to travel to to achieve your desire to enjoy the picnic between tourist places taking into account your financial conditions and it is wonderful to know the existence of travel destinations that can cost you less $ 50 a day to explore tourist places in it Do not let the pretext of your inability to bear the travel expenses prevent you from going to the interesting tourist destinations, it is possible to travel without spending a lot of money and the following are cheap and multiple travel destinations that will allow you to enjoy its tourist potential with a reasonable budget.

    The cheapest tourist countries

    Fiji Islands

    There are Fiji Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, which is home to different cultures such as Indian, Chinese and European.The 333 Fiji Islands are distinguished for their resorts and prestigious hotels, and it is a great place for anyone looking for calm and relaxation at the lowest costs and it is a special place to spend a romantic trip and see Western animals and enjoy the charming waterfalls and shopping in international markets.


    Cambodia is home to some of the most ancient cities in the world and ancient temples, so you can find there the temple of Angkor Wat and you can walk in the ancient city of Angkor Thom and spend some time in Siem Reap or take a day trip to the elephant sanctuary and one of the most beautiful cities that you can go there is the city of Angkor in the depths of the forests Northern Cambodia, an ancient city whose construction dates back thousands of years, and the city is known for its many temples, the most famous of which is the Angkor Wat Temple, which is known alongside its many temples. Angkor is famous for the splendor of its green nature, since it is located in the heart of Cambodia’s forests, it enjoys a unique calm with the sounds of birds and animals


    Portugal is considered one of the cheapest tourist countries in the world and one of the rare tourist places in Western Europe, which is characterized by low costs, the city is distinguished by Gothic architecture throughout, and its historical features, the romantic castle, the Pena National Palace, and one of the most beautiful places to go to in Portugal is the Azores Islands, which are the most beautiful sites of Portugal Touristy, surrounded by stunning and magical landscapes, beautiful beaches, lakes and green pastures. The island is 1,500 kilometers west of Lisbon. The Azores consist of nine volcanic islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The islands were discovered in the 19th century, 3380 kilometers from the North American continent. All these islands are Basically volcanic islands, but there are some islands, such as Santa Maria Island, where no volcanic activity has been observed since its stability.


    Peru is one of the most important tourist places that are distinguished by their affordable costs and one of the cheapest tourist countries in the world. You can go to the Inca in Machu Picchu and you can enjoy the ruins of the Inca and go to the bustling city of Lima. One of the most wonderful places to go there is Lake Titicaca in the high plateau region of the Andes Mountains at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level, which makes it one of the highest lakes in the world, which is It is characterized by the beauty of its picturesque nature, as more than 25 rivers pour into the lake, in addition to being containing more than 40 islands, some of which are inhabited and others still contain many monuments that belong to the ancient Indian civilization, so this lake represents an important and wonderful destination for nature lovers and relaxation.


    Despite the economic downturn that Greece has witnessed, tourism is still booming and has become more accessible than ever. You can go to the historical monuments in Athens, the hype, the island overlooking the Mediterranean, and walk in Plaka. One of the most beautiful places to go in Greece is the Greek island of Redos. The most famous tourist destination in Europe and the most important thing that distinguishes it is the old city and its ancient historical monuments and is characterized by a hot atmosphere in summer while it can go to it throughout the year due to its warm temperature and it is also equipped with good infrastructure in terms of air and sea transportation that connects it to other low-lying areas with the possibility of renting cars at an appropriate cost. One of its most famous cities is Lindos.


    The largest country in the world in terms of population and you can find amazing things to explore. You can see the Great Wall of China, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You cannot go to China. Countries to go to it and take some memorial pictures there. You can go to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. You can immerse yourself in nature by seeing The landscapes of Jiuzhaigou and hiking in Mutianyu are among the most wonderful attractions that you can go there. The architect that combines the ancient Islamic and Chinese heritage, the Xi’an Grand Mosque differs from the rest of the mosques in the Middle East and Asia through its inclusion of many statues that form part of the most important ancient Chinese myths

    South Korea

    South Korea is a great country that offers many different activities for tourists to enjoy spending time in Seoul, devouring some Korean food or visiting temples around the countryside. You can go to the capital, Seoul, the beating heart of South Korea and the most wonderful city. Going to the port city of Busan, with its beauty, may look similar to the city of Rio de Janeiro, the cities of the Italian Amalfi Coast, and Busan, the second largest city in South Korea, and its features are distributed in remote locations from each other.


    India is distinguished by the beauty of its nature, where the peaks of the Himalayas, the rich history and culture, and it is possible to go to the city of Mumbai and one of the most beautiful places to go to in India is the most famous tourist attraction in India, which is the Taj Mahal, which is one of the distinctive architectural edifices in the Al-Hamra Fortress, you can take memorial photos there and you can go To the Indian capital, New Delhi, where you find the Red Fort overlooking the bank of the Yamuna River, which reflects the splendor of Mughal architecture and distinctive in New Delhi.

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